Xbox 360 MAX PAYNE 3
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Livraison 2-10
Platform: Xbox 360 Edition: Standard Video game genre: Action, Shooting - FPS Market release date: June 01, 2012 Number of players: Local: 1 Online: 2-16 Publisher: Rockstar Games Xbox 360 game

In the nocturnal, cold and violent universe of New York, Max Payne is a man who has nothing more to lose. A former undercover policeman, now a fugitive and wanted for murder by the police and the Mafia, Max is a man up to the wall, plunged into a war he cannot hope to win. Max Payne is a ruthless game telling the story of a man with nothing more to lose and who fights to cleanse his honor and try to uncover the truth about his family's murder by foiling plots and fighting gangsters in a New York paralyzed by the biggest blizzard of the century. Max Payne, the revolutionary cinematic action shooter, introduced the concept of Bullet Time® in video games. Max Payne redefined shooters and shooters
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