Horreur et épouvante Willard
  • Horreur et épouvante Willard


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Livraison 2-10

Rated: All audiences Director: Daniel Mann Duration: 1 hour and 35 minutes Release Date: March 17, 2020 Actors: Bruce Davison, Elsa Lanchester, Ernest Borgnine, Sondra Locke, Michael Dante Subtitles:: French Language: English ( DTS-HD 2.0), French (DTS-HD 2.0) Studio: ESC Editions Number of discs: 1 (edition without scabbard) ALL OUR BLURAY AND DVDS ARE PURCHASED IN FRANCE (NO IMPORT) AND INTENDED FOR THE FRENCH MARKET.



blu-ray edition without scabbard Willard is a rather asocial, friendless young man living with an intrusive mother in an old mansion, humiliated by his boss in a company where none of the employees respect him. As he leaves a birthday meal furious one day, he comes face to face with a rat in a quiet part of his garden. After showing himself unable to get rid of the rats that live there, he will befriend one of them whom he will nickname Socrates. Willard will subsequently use a veritable army of rats to avenge his humiliations, but a confrontation between him and one of the rats, Ben, will also arise ...

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