Horreur et épouvante Frankenhooker
  • Horreur et épouvante Frankenhooker


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Livraison 2-10
Director: Frank Henenlotter Format: Color Duration: 1 hour and 24 minutes Release Date: September 7, 2016 Actors: James Lorintz, Patty Mullen, Charlotte Helmkamp, ??Louise Lasser, Vicki Darnell Subtitles:: French Language: English (DTS -HD 2.0), French (DTS-HD 2.0) Studio: Carlotta Films Number of discs: 1 ALL OUR BLURAY AND DVD ARE PURCHASED IN FRANCE (NO IMPORT) AND INTENDED FOR THE FRENCH MARKET.

High definition master Jeffrey Franken likes to indulge in unique scientific experiments in his spare time. When his betrothed Elizabeth gets chopped up by a lawn mower, the young man will try to bring her back to life. For that, all he had to do was collect parts of human bodies and graft Elizabeth's head there, which he treasured ...
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